Terms & Conditions

By completing your registration, you confirm your comprehension and agreement to the following conditions, as well as any additional terms and conditions issued by the organizing committee pertaining to the Event, its regulations, and directives provided by organizers and officials prior to and during the Event.

Please review the Terms and Conditions attentively:

Registration is exclusively open to Mauritians and Mauritian Residents.

All participants must be at least 16 years old and without any prior convictions for criminal offenses or misdemeanors.

Participants aged between 16 and 18 must provide a consent letter from their parents or legal guardian.

Participants must choose a single category of interest or expertise.

If interested in multiple categories, participants must submit separate registrations for each.

Registration is available for participants and nominees of previous Influencers Awards MU, excluding previous winners.

Each participant must submit a brief video introducing themselves and explaining their motivation for joining the Influencers Awards Mauritius. Submissions must be sent to [email protected] by the 15th of June 2023, along with three pictures for promotional use by the organizing team. Creativity and engagement will be evaluated, with extra consideration given to those supporting charitable causes.

Pre-selection will be conducted by the Juries, and nominees will be announced on June 15, 2023. Nominees will receive evaluation criteria thereafter.

Winners will be announced during the award ceremony on October 8, 2022. Nominees’ attendance is mandatory.

Until September 2, 2023, participants will be judged on creativity, originality, content quality, and engagement.

It is mandatory to promote the Influencers Awards Mauritius and its partners through posts and/or stories during the event, using the hashtag #IAMU at all times. Participants are expected to make a minimum of three posts or stories per week.

Participants, nominees, and winners agree that all pictures and videos captured during tasks, the awards ceremony, or any related events for the Influencers Awards Mauritius, along with those voluntarily provided, become the property of Influencers Awards Mauritius. The organizing team reserves the right to publish these materials on their social media platforms, website, partner websites, or third-party platforms for promotional purposes, without requiring additional consent.

By registering, participants acknowledge their understanding and acceptance of these conditions, as well as any additional terms and conditions provided by the organizing committee regarding the Event, its rules, and instructions. Participants also agree not to hold the organizing committee, Influencers Awards, The Ideas Suite Ltd, and its partners liable for any physical or mental injuries or damages that may occur during the competition tasks. Participation in the competition is voluntary.