Launched for the first time in October 2020, the Influencers Awards – IAMU rewards the most brilliant, the most creative and skillful influencers, and digital content creators in Mauritius.

Promoting our island, our influencers & their savoir-faire, and creating a buzz on social media channels, are the underlying objective of setting up this awards ceremony.

For the first edition, one hundred and six applications were registered. The main category being Artist & Entertainment followed by Travel & Lifestyle, Fashion & Beauty, Fitness & Wellness and Food.

For the second edition, one hundred and eight applications were received. The main category being Artist & Entertainment followed by Fashion & Beauty, Travel & Lifestyle, Food and Fitness & Wellness.

Participants were judged on their originality, creativity, content, engagement and reach. Three nominees per category were selected. 

Once nominees are announced, they have to abide to the task list provided and competed against each other to be the winner of their category and the Best Influencer of the year, which are determined partly by public vote. 

The Influencers Awards Mauritius is powered by The Ideas Suite Ltd.